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Society as we know it depends on a plentiful supply of cheaply available Crude Oil. The challenge of Peak Oil Production, and subsequent diminishing reserves is steeped in uncertainty. It is not known when the oil will run out, nor is it known what will happen when this occurs. Many things currently taken for granted, from cheap flights to plastic containers, will have to be dispensed with or totally reinvented.

WILL WE FLY WHEN THE OIL RUNS OUT? is a one-off instance of Performance Architecture, which will take place at 2 pm, Sunday 23rd of August, 2009, at 3a Worcester Road, Malvern (next to the corner with St. Anne's Road).

The performance will attempt to engage with uncertainties of depletion, and its aftermath will be on display until September 12th, 2009.

The information on this page is confidential and is intended solely for members of the human race. Access, copying or re-use of information in it by anyone else is unadvised, except for the purpose of publicizing the event. Any views or opinions presented are solely those of the artist and do not necessarily represent those of MECA. These should not be confused with the interspersed facts. It is recognized that this communication is dispatched at extremely short notice; this reflects the short notice at which we will become aware of the imminent depletion of all reserves of crude oil.

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