Selected Works

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Bing Bang Bong

Works featuring Bing Bang Bong investigate ways in which the presence of an unknown "other" inhabits and alters space, also questioning boundaries between public and private space. A series of interventions in gallery and museum spaces in the UK, was followed by a residency in a pharmacy, which challenged the expectations of behaviour in a space that is privately owned, but by its nature has public movement through it. This also dealt with the concept of the pharmacist's shop as a place for exchange, putting Bing Bang Bong into the role of the dispensing chemist. Bing Bang Bong interventions incorporate, amongst other things, the potential for the viewer to allow the unknown "other" to reveal itself as benign, allowing viewers to reassess their preconceptions.

Green Man

GREEN MAN work explores the myths and inaccuracies of the perceived and actual differences between contemporary urban and rural spaces. Combining the images of the so-called "Green Man" of medieval carvings and folklore and "Green Man" lights at pedestrian crossings, I undertook a series of performances crossing rights of way in urban and rural areas. GREEN MAN developed into more static work in which I merged with greenery in spaces where the urban meets the rural.

Life as a Leylandii Hedge

Life as a Leylandii Hedge was an attempt to inhabit a leylandii hedge and the space around it for an extended period of time. This generated an understanding of leylandii hedge as social outcast and a living being which is both misplaced and misunderstood. The choice this type of hedge for the performance site reflects the attempt to bring "nature" into the "unnatural" suburban context. By contrast with ancient traditions of tree worship, the contemporary leylandii is used to fulfil the function of a wall. Usually ignored or maltreated by passers-by, these trees are also frequently a catalyst for boundary disputes.

Being a Building in Birmingham

This performance was an attempt to understand the physical role of a building, by emulating it aesthetically and structurally. Being a Building in Birmingham makes the move from living trees to completely inanimate structures. (Click on picture for video montage of performance)

These more static and spatial works can be defined as Performance Architecture.


Hereford Letters

Journeys Through Vegetables

Eye to Eye

A journey from Eye in Suffolk to Eye in Herefordshire.