Through methodologies of intervention, personal interaction, and direct communication, I explore ways in which people engage with space and with other people, and how spaces are defined by passage through them. Often using a persona, I create and record site-specific manifestations of the unexpected in contemporary urban and rural contexts. I seek to redefine spaces and social contexts by different or unexpected activity or inactivity.

My experiences of life as a foreigner in Japan and in America have had a big impact on my work. I am particularly interested in how the presence of an unknown being inhabits and alters public spaces. While living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I developed my performative work into street performances based on the living statues of the European street theatre tradition.

The interaction between performer and audience is an essential part of my work. As well as giving people experiences they wouldn't otherwise have, I seek out exquisite moments of contact between artist and audience, in which the viewer realises that all may not be as initially perceived. A piece of work such as 5 interventions carries, amongst other things, the potential for the viewer to allow the unknown to reveal itself as benign, and invites viewers to reassess their preconceptions. Some interactions move towards art as education in the tradition of Joseph Beuys.

My most recent works have moved towards an investigation into how a person might become an object or environment. By inhabiting the space occupied by an object = for example a tree or a hedge, a building or a lake = might it be possible to come to a deeper realization of how the world might be seen by that object?

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