Whistler Bottles

Despite easy-to-find recycling collection points, many recyclables in Whistler - and in other parts of the world - are put in with the garbage or left in the open. During the last 8 months living in Whistler, I have subsidised my lifestyle by collecting bottles for deposits, saving some of them from the garbage and others from choking bears. While washing these bottles ready for returning, I discovered that they have a voice. The aim of Whistler Bottles is to find out what these bottles have to say for themselves when they are allowed - and encouraged - to speak en masse.

In short, this event was a shout-out from the un-recycled bottles of Whistler. I am setting their voices free.

Although the actual bottles themselves were recycled immediately following the performance, the idea and performance may come with me across Canada and across the Atlantic this summer, so watch this space for incarnations of Whistler Bottles in Eastern Canada, the UK, and beyond!

The Making of Whistler Bottles

Coming soon - watch this space!